Foundation Course Choices

As reviewed in previous blogs i have decided to apply for foundation courses for next year. This is so that when I do go to university the following year I am fully prepared both mental and with my artwork. The foundation year will help me to decide if the fine art degree is definitely the couse I want to take; or if I should chose to do another course instead. More so, I want anohter year to better myself and my artwork so that i can fukky embrace the degree with my best ability and work, I dont think I would be doing that without a foundation to give me that time.

Though my research into the best places to apply for the top places are as follows:

  • Kingston
  • CSM (Central Saint Martins)


However i will be living at home but i am happy to commute to london each day from home if the journey is under 2 hours.



Kingstone is one of my first choices because of its great reviews and well known name. So far it is also one of the only ocuses which encorages projects to be collaborated with degree students instead of kept apart. The hornery will be around 1hr and 25mins which is definatly do-able, more so my grandparents live nearby so i can stop over if needed. The course is very practical and allows students to be indepenadnmt with their practise but have lotrs of support as there class is only 25 people. This is turn also makes the course challemginmg to get into but that inspires net work harder.


UAL – Camberwell or Central Saint Martins

Also one of my primary choices; there is no question about its reputation so this will aso be a challenge. The repuatuon is very important for a foundation course beuase that is the name that will ringn in the ears of my interviewer’s when i come to applying to university. Nlot to mention if i want to carry on wokring unerthe umbrella of UAL it could givee me an upperhand in those interviews if they know I ahvce already completed my foundation with them. Especially as CSM (central aint martins) is in my top 5 for university. With UAL you can only aplly tob one of their foundation courses at a time so i will need to look into the differences between the courses so i apply to the right one.

From what i have looked into the course at Camberwell is more like my Btec i am studying now, for the eample the subjects they study is; Art, Communication and Design. This is exacly ike the ocuse i am doing now and i dont want to be repeating what i have perviosuly done and waste my foundation year. Therefore i might apply to the course at CSM which includes subjects such as;

I have never studied any of these subject before apart from breif touches on graphics and fine art. Therefore this would be a far more adventurous choices where I would be studying a lot of new things at a very prestigious school. In conclusion i hacve chosen to be brave and try for CSM this will be a lot harder than camberwell beause of the competition and will be futher outside my comfort zone. But i think having experince in these other subjects will give me a chnace to explore them for future careers and gain that larger span of experince in different areas. Also if i do complete this couse i am automatically accepted into the BA at CSM if i chose to accept it.



Reviewing different artist’s websites

David Carson -Graphic Artist/Designer

To find websites I could annalise I first looked up award winning grahic artists and chose a few from that list; the first I chose was David Carson. I found the website both cindusing and lazily put togather. This was because the text anywhere on the page is very very small and the back ground (specifically on the about page). I can’t read any of the text, therefore for other websites I recommend using bold text that is at least 14/16 size and with no background or one that is very simple/basic. Personally i think websites with a simple white background or block colour are the most graphically pleasing.


Lotta Nieminen- Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Speaking of white/blcok backgrounds Lotta has a far moer graphically pleasing website. This has minimul text but it is clear to read, using it as her online portfolio you are amidiatly introduced to her work and designs which is one of the main re3asons for having the website in the first place. This website has a neatly thought out navigation system too, it is simialr to a book, as in you can chnage the page and it slides you over to it neatly. The reason why people are also so comforable with this us beause there is not too much writing and the navigation reads from left to right like a familar book. All if her details and imformation is in one place which makes it easy to find and not overwelming.


Filthy Beasts– Diz Wallis artist (not graphic)

This artist was differnt to the others because he is not a graphic artist and instead focuses on an specific kind of drawing involving animals with human characteristics. The webiste has good and basic naviagtion which is very familiar to people visiting it. Like most other webistes it shows off his most recent work first; but what stood out to me was the bakcground which was mostly white but with feathers that look so 3D they almost pop out of the screen which grabs your attention.

In conclusion 

I woulds say that Lotta Nieminen had the best website grahpically but you couldn’t order anything from there so it was a little less productive and more like an online portfolio. Filthy Beasts was also great to use and was a lot like other artistic websites I have seen in the past.

Central Saint Martins Open Day

The rich area in which the uni is in is very beautiful and scenic and that goes for the architecture of the university. In fact architectually it was my drream uniuversity, a complete beautiful creative space that has all hte resources you could dream of.

However the first complication woukd be how the uni is in London which is an exteamly expensive place to live and go out. Otherwise, CSM is globally renouned for its teaching and alumni. I would love to go here for university however i am not sure i want to spend this time in london and instead i would prefer a safer area which is full of students. I will apply however because i am curious of if i would be accepted.

Otherwise I am deciding if i want to do a foundation with CSM which is at a different sight but has the same great repuation. This year of extra study would also allow me to develop my own skills and make me more ready for university and i think apprciate it more when I go the following year instead.

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Oxford Brookes Open day visit

My visit to Oxford Brookes could not have been better, as soon as I arrived the architecture at atmostpher alone had me hooked. It was exteamly well organised as an event and had tabels and tables of imformation out in the main building to help out. The stmosphere was lively and creative which was assisted by the modern and breathtaking buildings that surrounded us.

More so, i find that after so many talks on fine art i get very bored and annoyed; however the head of the fine art course at Brookes was like a breath of fresh air. The main facts that stood out to me were; 24 hour library access, 24 hour studio access, unlimited porfolio allowence when it comes to apply and weekly opptional life drawing classes.

Likewise the stuiod were decent but i found the accommodation very livekly and socailable not to mention the bars and resurants on sight where beautiful. Being in such a lively student city is perefct for me. This university has shot right into my numbner one slot and is now my first choice for sure.



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My Fine Art Personal Statement

This is my final personal statement that i ised when apply to a Fine art degree at top universities

I find that to create something great I would need to study the greats. This began when I took up books such as ‘Art in History’ by Martin Kemp; I built up my personal library and kept studying art history despite my class moving on. This book, among others, widened my curiosity about humankind and how art has progressed through time. Reading about the people that marked history inspires me to work towards my future and understanding how the creative industry works are my next steps towards my career; this is what I want to achieve at university.

I am currently studying an Extended Diploma in Art and Design at college; this includes a wide range of different units including painting, observational drawing, photography, printmaking and digital media. I am also participating in extra live client projects to gain experience in the creative industry.

One of which was an oil painting for Frimley Park hospital; the hospital was celebrating the 70th anniversary of the NHS. Prior to this, I had just finished my unit study of portraiture and I wanted to apply these skills. As a result, I worked with water-based oils creating an image of my Great Aunt cradling my new cousin. As well as this I have worked for Henry Tyndale School, creating interactive art for the special needs students. All of these projects have given me a chance to develop a wider range of skills within differing disciplines. Artists can never anticipate what the project will bring and so must adapt to suit the client, this is why I want to study Fine Art at degree level, so I am able to specialise in the future and adapt as the creative industry changes.

I have a strong appetite for socialising, most likely developed from my passion for drama; this became more developed when working towards my grade 4 and grade 6 LAMDA. I hosted chapel readings, sold artwork at exhibitions and competed in Woking music festival; next to completing my bronze and silver DofE. All of this achievement, in turn, resulted in my outgoing nature and taught me diligence, which is now my strongest attribute.

At Gordon’s, I was granted the ‘Turner prize for Art and Design’ along with my certificates for completing both my bronze and silver arts award. At college, I was further actively involved in extracurricular activities by becoming both class and digital ambassador, this involves supporting tutors with their own development of digital skills. I am also the class representative for my year group and attend regular meetings with our Head of Faculty. These experiences taught me how important communication is in the creative industry and how connecting with people and their work can be just as rewarding.

Last year I attended a lecture by Grayson Perry, he invited the audience to view the world in a more conceptual way and seek out the artistic aspects in mundane life. Since then I have been more inclined to look at abstract expressionism and experiment with vibrant colour pallets. Perry also inspired me to attend a short course at Central Saint Martins to expand my horizons to help me adjust to working at university; the experience was what drew to apply to fine art.

Personally, I enjoy experimenting digitally and designed a book cover for a journalist researching the UK’s current migration crisis. I created images that resembled realistic faces and developed my abilities using digital software. I am curious about a career that embraces current technology and pushes the limits of art further by using recent digital advancements.

During my work experience, I joined Passion Pictures’ animation studio, there I was able to work with top of the range hardware and create small animations. I considered a career in animation however, now I have aspirations to work with VR systems and even more advanced technologies as a director or developer. Therefore order to peruse this I must develop my creative skills and be well practised in the areas of fine art so that after my degree I can begin seeking my path to a position in the creative industry.


Nottingham Trent Open Day Review

I recently visited Nottingham  because I have matched with the university on many sites and have been recommend it by my aunt. I found the area has a beautiful mix between mistoric and modern buildings.

At the open day tour for fine art i was also impressed by the stuido space and the quality of work was veru inspiring. What stood out to mer most about the university talk was how well achived the university was in so many different areas of study, from science – arts they all where present of multioul luge tables; alone the univerity was voted University of the year. This is very impostant to me cos thever results comne fromn the students and it is their oppinion whcih matters the most.

Otherwise what stood out to me in the specualised Fine Art talk was the extensive amount of gallerys that Nottingham has dispite it being such a small city but also their amazing global connections. I love travling and i find (like many others) that travkling to different cultures abnd places ignites increasing amounts of inspiration and Nottingham understands and strupprts this by arranging many global tips and keeping contact with foreign universities.

Therefore I will definitely be including Nottingham Trent in my final five 😁😁

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UCL – Slade Open Day Review

UCL – Slade Open Day Review

The bustling city was very exciting to visit, things are always happening in London and so the student life there would also be very busy. However since it is in London it seems almost squeezed into the city centre and is always very loud and crowded. The open day was very eventful with live music and lots of people, I also like how the university is not just focused on the arts and is very well known for it accomplishment in other subjects also; this would make for a more interesting mix of students and I would have the chance to meet more students studying very different courses.

Most of all I was blown away by the amount of studio space given to the art students at the Slade, the building itself is also very beautiful and historic which I personally find very encouraging. However, the fact it is based up in London makes things far more expensive but its position in the league table for Fine Art is very hard to overlook. The amount of space so far has gone unmatchable compared to other universities I have looked at. UCL will defiantly be appearing in my final 5 choices for studying fine art.


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